The Franz Liszt Connection

Liszt and the Cross: Music as Sacrament in the B Minor Sonata

A Recital by Paul Barnes

This provocative recital explores the intimate relationship between religion and art in the life and music of Franz Liszt. Liszt's understanding of the sacramental nature of music reveals fascinating intersection with the Orthodox iconographic tradition. Just as the icon is seen as a "window to the Kingdom," so Liszt's B Minor Sonata serves as an "aural" icon, communicating the essence of the Kingdom by stunning musical symbolism. A brief lecture that includes the singing of Gregorian chant and an examination of iconography relating to Liszt is followed by a performance of Liszt's greatest composition, the Sonata in B Minor - "a truly multi-cultural and multi-sensory experience."


"Barnes is a fine pianist and gives us a performance of resounding conviction."
- British Society Newsletter

"It is a majestic, reverential performance that elevates listeners to the sacred experience Barnes so eloquently desribes in the lecture."
- Clavier Magazine

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