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Hammering, away: Barnes keeping piano lessons sharp from a distance

In any other year, the acoustic waves that originate from fingertip striking ivory and hammer striking string would dissipate within the walls of the Westbrook Music Building.

But with COVID-19 temporarily joining music as a universal language, the sounds of piano lessons led by Nebraska’s Paul Barnes are now digitally hopscotching across town, state, border and, recently, even ocean. The 14 undergraduate and graduate students taking one-hour, one-on-one lessons with Barnes this semester hail from across the United States and the globe: Lincoln and Omaha, Nashville and Dallas, China and Argentina. It’s a worldly mix suited to the world-renowned pianist who often performs in New York City and makes annual summer sojourns to teach in Vienna.

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Senior piano major Moriah Hellstrom talks about her experience at UNL and the chance to meet Philip Glass:

"It's going to be fantastic witnessing and learning from (Glass') process in those rehearsals. I also can't wait to meet him, ask questions and learn from his experience. It's going to be a great way to finish my career at Nebraska."
- Moriah Hellstrom, senior music major the article

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"You only have one chance to make a chord beautiful...every single sound you play as a pianist has to have intent and has to be voiced beautifully."

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"I don't want to create an army of cerebral pianists. I think that's the worst thing to call someone, because that means the focus is on the brain."

"Everyone out there should understand your articulation, everyone should understand that we have a physical way of communicating every expression."

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